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How you are being seduced by marketing


 You have seen them. All those sales pages also called squeeze pages. Some of them are 200 feet long and they will take 3 minutes to scroll to the bottom and 3 days to read! And it is pure garbage that does not really relate to the product most of it!

Most sales pages are dishonest scams. Either they are full of non true shit or they are very exaggerating. Hey – did you notice that? This was a black/white thing (non true shit or they are very exaggerating). The reptilian brain loves things that are either/or. Makes life easy. Apparantly! The fact is that everything in between is a possibility too. So now life is getting complicated!

Don't get me wrong here. I don't mind sales pages. But I do mind if they are full of rhetoric sales pitch and untrue statements. If you have seen one you have seen them all. Many squeeze pages (nice word by the way – you are getting squeezed!) are based on psychological triggers – Yes that's what they are called and you don't even know that you are being heavily manipulated by exaggerations, lies and the dark side of psychology.


 Million Dollar Guru

A lot of this stuff has been in use in the offline market for more than 50 years and as the Internet evolves into a marketplace, this old stuff finds its way to the net. So I will take the liberty of explaining a few things here. Based on what I think is ethical and you might disagree. Especially if you desperately need … Read More – CLICK HERE …