July 29, 2010

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…on my on line journey to a new source of income!


If you are out of job, sick and tired of working 9-5 (or more!) or if you hate your boss shouting:

"Do this and Do that", the thought of starting an online business might have occurred to you!   


I don't have the exact answer or formula on how to do this but I am certainly going to try and maybe you will find some tips and ideas or some inspiration. Actually I might have to disapoint you here. I don't think there is such a thing as a formula. But our brain loves when things get automated like unconscious habits and all those guru salespeople out there knows that!

I think the true formula is more like: Find your purpose. Find a need, take what you can use from everywhere, invent what you are missing to make your style unique, experiment and go for it!



  Multiple ways to make money online


Starting up


In Jan. 2010 I decided that I was going to educate myself in how to start and run an online business and I quickly found out that there seems to be a few MAIN ways to make money online:

  • Click ads – Place links and ads on your site that pays you money when someone clicks
  • Affiliate programs – Use Commission Junction, ClickBank or other and sell other peoples products on your site
  • Make your own product and have affiliates selling them.
  • E-shop with lots of products



At this point I had only these non commercial web sites running:


I have a lot of instruments and audio equipment and sometimes some of it break down. I don't make a lot of money in my studio so I repair things myself which have resulted in a large collection of Audio Schematics which I uploaded to www.MicroSonic.dk and offered them as free downloads.

In January 2010 I decided to make a separate web site for the schematics and I created www.AudioSchematics.dk. In the beginning I did not think of making this site commercial but after posting a few comments on 4-5 forums and having 30-60 visitors a day I began thinking Goolge AdSense. Follow www.AudioSchematics.dk in detail from the menu.



In 2003 I finished my 4 year psychotherapy study. I have had a few clients but I wanted to work with spiritual issues and relationships. So I started www.TheMasculineMan.com (which isn't finished yet) and www.Dating.TheMasculineMan.com and I became involved in coaching men helping them grow as MEN! www.Dating.TheMasculineMan.com is set set up as an affiliate site. 







After launching those sites I launched www.GlobalMarketingOnline.eu. I have made a lot of websites and now I learned a lot SEO so this site should be two things:

  • A center for all my Internet activities
  • A place to publish what the Gurus call 'Secrets'
  • A place to hold an Auto Responder and maybe a membership site


Ohhh this was THREE…  Well things tend to change fast on the Internet – Right?


So I wanted to know more about blogs. www.Dating.TheMasculineMan.com was setup as a WordPress blog but I also made www.Blog.MicroSonic.dk as an addendum to www.MicroSonic.dk. I made a few $$ on AdSense so I wanted to reward myself and go on with what I regard as my mission so I bought www.TheLeaderOfTheFuture.com but wasn't really ok with that name so I bought www.LeadershipAndAwareness.com instead and after a few weeks I ordered www.MoneyMakerGuru.com and www.TheMillionDollarGuruBlog.com because I thought that all that stupid guru talk on the Internet needed some grounding!





There is only ONE guru. And this is YOU! The Million Dollar Guru Blog


I only had www.MoneyMakerGuru.com and www.TheMillionDollarGuruBlog.com for five days when I earned my first money on them. The company I bought them from forgot my order and as a compensation I got both of them two years for the price of one year!


In the menu to the right you can follow each domain as I build them and I will explain everything I do – Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Auto Responders, SEO, WordPress plugins, You Tube, Twitter, FaceBook, Forums, Traffic and I will talk about Attraction psychology/marketing, Leadership, Awareness, balance, self development and ethics.



To OUR success!


And PLEASE go to the box below and tell me: What is SUCCESS to you?



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