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Don’t Post Spammy Comments on Blogs to get Backlinks!

This was a little weird. I suddenly got four comments on my LeadershipAndAwareness blog that did look a little spooky. This was one of them:

“This is a good,common sense article.Very helpful to one who is just finding the resources about this part.It will certainly help educate me.”

Typos included!

This comment looks very innocent and would do great as a comment on almost any blog in the world. In my case though I had a post that only included a short video – 6 seconds! And four lines of text. Not really a post full of rich content! So the comment was kinda awkward.

So I turned to my good friend and buddy: Google and pasted the text in to the search box….. 39.500 search results containing the exact same text!

I tried another comment: “Great post. Thanks!”. Same characteristics. You can use this on all blogs in the world! Google reported: 780.000.000 search results. Of course we have to note that this, at least in some cases could be a genuine post.

The third post: “It’s the first time I have heard that in Macedonia, obits are an unusual observe. You have wonderfully written the…” gave 13.700 search results and this actually is a pretty long comment!”.

The fouhth post: “Sick and tired of your website getting useless low traffic? Well i want to let you know about a new…” reported 27.400 results.”

Dear honest reader! This cannot be a coincidence! Somebody out there has made a plugin, a script or some software that travels the Internet, find blogs and forums and post meaningless comments to create….. BACKLINKS!!!

You know what this is – Right! It is SPAM. And because it is supposed to look real I think I will give this a new name: SCAM SPAM!

I guess the future of the Internet is fully automated! TADA…..(Trumpets and strings here!) Internet 3.0 has been born! My computer will exchange personal courtesies with your computer and we are all living happily ever after! The computer answers all our mails, takes care of our income and… our customers and frinds and family. We don’t ever need to talk to each other anymore. My computer sues your computer for violating spam regulations. The court computer sentences your computer three years behind bars. My computer laughs all the way to the bank!

Seriously dear honest reader… Don’t fall for the temptation. Don’t make automated blog postings. You will fail. It is FAKE! And it will eventually catch up with you. One thing is that the Google boys are pretty clever. If they find a way to detect YOUR FALSE CONTENT, you are… (replace this text with the F word!)….. And another thing is that no matter what, this method is basically dishonest. These kind of postings try to appear as if they were real but they are not. This is dishonesty and only cheap Internet Marketers use those kind of tricks.

People using the net is much more aware of scams and dishonesty than ever before because we have been exposed to millions of scams by now. Most people can ‘smell’ them by now and in the long run your ‘nose’ will be your best protection. Personally I will NEVER do business with people that use these kind of tricks. Even if they have something I really want!!!


If you deceive people you have to expect to be deceived yourself! It is as simple as that!

Are you being ‘attacked’ by SCAM SPAM? Do you think automated postings are OK? Leave a comment! I want to know what you are thinking



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